Dances from the South

Dances from the South with Galliard String Quartet

Featuring Leyendas: An Andean Walkabout by Gabriela Lena Frank

Galliard String Quartet’s program “Dances From the South” features a brilliant mixture of colorful songs that will take you on an aural journey to experience the cultural beauty of gems in Italy, Mexico , Peru and back. Featuring romantic Italian-influenced works by Hugo Wolf and Giacomo Puccini coupled with the passionate and lively dances by modern composers José Elizondo and Gabriela Lena Frank, you will find yourself tapping your feet and being transported. 

SAT, Nov. 19, 7pm at Doris Duke Theatre
SUN, Nov. 20, 4pm at Palikū Theatre
MON, Nov. 21, 7pm at UHWO