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What is chamber music?

Chamber music can be an elusive term for even the most seasoned concertgoer. Listen to Chamber Music Hawai‘i musicians and board members as we try to tackle the question: What is chamber music? And in the process, we hope to inspire you to attend a concert to seek out your own answer.

Special thanks to cinematographer Gerard Elmore. Mahalo to composers Michael-Thomas Foumai and Thomas Osborne, whose original music is featured in the video.

Meet Our Ensembles

Galliard String Quartet

From left to right: Helen Liu, Hung Wu, Sung Chan Chang, and Anna Womack.

Spring Wind Quintet

From left to right: Lance Suzuki, James Moffitt, Jaime Sanborn, Marsha Schweitzer, and J. Scott Janusch.

Honolulu Brass Quintet

From left to right: Jason Byerlotzer, Zachary Silberschlag, JoAnn Lamolino, T.J. Ricer, and Anna Lenhart.

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